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Aga Khan Hostel, Sidhpur

(Near Aga Khan School, At: Sidhpur, Dist: Patan, Gujrat-384151.)
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H.H. The Aga Khan Golden Jubilee Ismailia Sidhpur Boarding and Orphange-Sidhpur
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I solemnly declare that the particulars submitted in this application form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I do affirm that I have read and understood the rules and regulations of the hostel. I hereby agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel in force from time to time and follow the instructions of the superintendent/warden. I promise to take the responsibility of my ward's behaviour during her stay in the hostel. I understand that my ward is liable for disciplinary action in case of violation of any rules and regulations of the hostel. I will not hold the hostel management responsible and no legal claim can be filed by me in any court of law against the hostel in case of any untoward incident/event that may happen/occur to my child in terms of health, accident, injury, loss of life in the hostel or on picnic, excursion, study tour, hiking, field trips etc. organized by the hostel and leaving hostel by my child without permission. I will respond to the letters/calls sent by the hostel administration regarding the academic/non-academic undisciplined behaviour of my ward.

(Recommendation of Mukhi and Kamadiya Saheb of respective village/center)

We recognize this student and her parents who are permanent members of our Jamatkhana center. We recommend her for admission to Aga Khan Hostel, Sidhpur.


1. All parents and students have to obey all the rules and regulations of hostel.
2. All the students have to attend school daily/regularly and have to follow all rules of school.
3. All students have to take admission in school and hostel on/before specified time limit. Late comers will not be permitted for admission procedure.
4. Outside food / snacks are not allowed in the hostel campus. Parents are strictly restricted to send any food items in the hostel. Strict action will be taken against students who are found to possess or consumed non-permitted items.
5. Parents are informed not to send any valuable items, money, accessories, ornaments etc. Hostel management committee will not be responsible for loss/misuse of these items.
6. Mobiles are not allowed in hostel campus except phone day. Parents and students are strictly instructed to obey this rule. Strict actions will be taken for breaking this rule.
7. Parents or relatives or family members are not permitted to meet their student without invitation and permission. On the genuine reason, parents have to obtain permission from Hostel Management Committee atleast before 24 hours.
8. Students need to follow all discipline set by hostel unconditionally. In the case of in-disciplinary action, Hostel management committee can cancel their admission after giving due notice to students and parents both.
9. Hostel admission is subject to admission in school.
10. Students are not permitted to leave hostel campus except for the purpose/event permitted and planned by hostel management committee. Participating in events shall has to be with prior written permission from Hostel authority.
11. Students have to follow time table set by hostel time to time. Waking time, food time, school time, study time, playing time, sleeping time etc has to be followed by all students. Fine, punishment and suitable actions will be taken against non-cooperative students.
12. Students have to attend school in prescribed uniform and neat and clean manner with proper shoes, socks, tie and etiquettes. This is personal individual responsibilities of every students and parent.
13. Students are responsible for maintaining Text –books, class book, workbooks and homework book throughout the year with adequate stationery.
14. Students have to pay complete attention in studies and have to obtain more than 60% result in every test and examination. Strict action will be taken against students consecutively scoring less than 50% - which includes cancellation of admission.
15. Students have to bring their daily needed things with them. (Soap, Cloths, towel, etc...)
16. Parents have to deposit ₹2500 as deposit money in student’s account for their child's personal use during year.
17. After vacation, Parents has to drop students to hostel on or before specified date. Students coming late will be charged with penalty or punished by Hostel management committee with suitable actions which they find appropriate.
18. Suggestions are welcomed in suggestion box and Hostel management committee will take appropriate actions for all suggestions – whenever required.
19. For all matters , authority of taking final decision will be of Hostel Management committee and all parents and students are abide to accept and follow.


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