• Get-to-gethers of all parents on 20th January, 2019 .
  • Birthday celebration of students in the hostel was celebrated on December 31, 2018.
  • Celebration of New Year (2019) on 31st December was celebrated by students.
  • Hostel Student Tour to Mumbai and Lonavala: On 14th to 17th Oct' 2018.
  • All students of the hostel showed a movie in Cinema Hall in August 2018.
  • Students of Hostel were taken One-Day Trip to Vishweshwar river bank in August 2018.
  • Students were taken to Sprinkle Town (Amusement Park) on 05-06-2018.
  • Birthday celebration of of students in the hostel was celebrated on September 02 2019
  • Our National Council President, Regional Council President, Local Council President, EPB National Chairman and Head Quarter Jamatkhana Mukhi Saheb  and Kamdia Saheb visited our Aga Khan Hostel, Sidhpur.
  • Mr.Murad Ajani, President of Council for South West,USA and Mr. Tajdin Momin(GAMA President, Tx. USA), visited Aga Khan Hostel on 12-11-2018.
  • Aga Khan Education Board Team visited our hostel on 15-12-2018 with the purpose of visiting our hostel and admiring its facilities on behalf of TKN.
  • Mr. Karimbhai Marediya(Prof. Michigan University, USA) visited our hostel with the aim to shift Saurashtra(NS & SS) students in our hostel.
  • Zarintaj from Chicago, USA visited our hostel on 02-01-2019.
  • Razia Nathani (Canada), Rahil Karim (USA),  Zulfikar Virani (Canada) and Bahadur Karim (Canada) sponser of 30 students of our hostel, visited our hostel on 05-01-2019.
  • NIMET RENEV from Aiglemont office and her team (with AKES India Team) visited our hostel On: 28th Jan 2019
  • AKES,I- CEO  Visited Aga Khan Hostel on 11-02-2019.


  1. In Year 2017-18, Our student achieved Centre First position in SSC Examination.
  2. Our students secured 1st  and 2nd position in district level for Olympiad examinations.
  3. Students secured numerous prizes for inter school competitions.
  4. Student Council of Aga Khan School are majorly selected from our students.

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Hostel Amenities & Environment

  • Furnished bed rooms.
  • Individual lockers with lock and keys to each student.
  • Free laundry facilities for girls.
  • Clean and hygienic wash rooms.
  • Computer room with broad band connectivity.
  • Special library loaded with books and magazines including Kindle.
  • Auditorium and multimedia hall.
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