Computer Classes

We strongly believe that an individual without computer knowledge and skills will be as good as illiterate in the future. To equip the hostel students with computer operating skills, we have a computer room with the latest LCD monitors, personal computers with internet facilities. Students are allowed to practice computers in different batches with the support of a trained instructor and a set of practice books for various computer programs.

Coaching Support

Students are provided in-house coaching support in important subjects such as Maths, Science, English, Accounts, and Computers, etc., in different batches through experienced teachers.

Spoken English Classes

English is a passport to a world full of opportunities. To enhance our students' fluency in English, special spoken English classes are conducted in different batches, tailored to the individual levels of language proficiency.


We have a special library with a vast collection of curriculum and non-curriculum books, including Kindles and electronic gadgets. The library is equipped with separate partitioned reading tables and comfortable cushioned chairs. English magazines, newspapers, as well as Sure Suggestion Magazines for students in grades X and XII, are also available. The library room is accessible to students around the clock for reading and homework purposes.

Health Care

A medical checkup is compulsory for each student in the hostel. This checkup is conducted at the beginning of the first term with the assistance of Aga Khan Health Services, India. If necessary, students are also examined by specialist doctors. Hygienic balanced food and purified soft water, obtained through a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant, are provided for the students. The hostel also offers first aid medicine. However, if further treatment is required, a doctor is consulted at any time.

Leadership Training

To provide leadership training during the formative years, our hostel has a Student Management Council (SMC). The SMC comprises several sub-committees, such as health, library, dining hall, sports, purchase, entertainment, and daily prayer. Students are appointed as Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, and members of these committees. Through the SMC, students actively engage in managing the hostel by initiating and organizing a diverse array of activities throughout the year. The council conducts monthly meetings to assess the progress of the previous month, discuss actionable items, and plan for the upcoming month.

Moral Education

To foster the development of moral values, spiritual insights, and instincts in our students, as well as to cultivate knowledge and respect for our faith, we place a strong emphasis on religion in the hostel. Regular attendance of prayers is mandatory for all students. Additionally, each student is required to participate in moral and ethical educational programs, further enhancing their understanding and practice of these values.

Celebration of Festivals & Events

Major national and regional festivals are celebrated with joy and enthusiasm in the hostel. Special activities and programs are organized to mark these occasions, adding to the festive atmosphere. Students are treated to a feast during these celebrations, making the festivities even more enjoyable. Furthermore, birthdays of students are regularly celebrated in the hostel, making sure that each student feels special and appreciated.

Students Monitoring

Students are under constant supervision and monitoring by our dedicated hostel staff. We ensure that the well-being and progress of each student are closely observed. To keep parents well-informed, we regularly communicate their ward's progress report, providing updates on their academic performance and overall development. We believe in maintaining a strong partnership with parents to support the students' growth and success.


Every weekend, specifically on Saturday evenings, a selected movie is screened for the students in the hostel as a part of their entertainment. Additionally, designated playtime is included in the daily routine for students to engage in recreational activities. To further enhance their enjoyment, various events such as picnics, hiking trips, dinner parties, birthday celebrations, and sports competitions are regularly organized to provide entertainment for the students.

Daily Schedule

We have a well-defined daily activity schedule for the students, designed separately for Monday to Friday and Saturday & Sunday. It is mandatory for all students to strictly adhere to the schedule, which is closely monitored by the hostel management. This structured approach ensures a disciplined and organized routine for the students, promoting a productive and balanced lifestyle.